Colorful Easter

Addy Kate VBxTarget clever bunny top, striped shorts, New Balance | Brooklyn bow tie, Moncler polo set (Moncler sets are PERFECT for mix and matching), shorts, socks, Converse | Michael similar polo, shorts, flips, sunnies, hat | Liam polosimilar polo, shorts, flips or sandals | Alexander sunniespolo or similar, belt, denim, New Balance (sold out) similar

Addy Kate is still loving her Victoria Beckham for Target selections and this clever bunny top and striped shorts were especially perfect for Easter Sunday! For the rest of us it was all about vibrant colors! Each little guy picked out their own outfit.  Although they managed to pick some sort of polo… they had lots of variations on their bottoms, shoes AND a few accessories from sunnies to bowties.  It should also be noted that I tend to buy color themes for this crew and even though they may all be different sizes, the sizes are usually close enough for them to size up or down whenever they are in the mood.  This allows them to wear whatever version of the style or color they chose, in this case Liam is wearing more of a Brooklyn size and Alexander is wearing closer to Liam size, if they get it on and it fits close enough…it works for me as long as they get dressed!!!

This spring weather has been so perfect for almost anything from denim to dresses for my outfit picks. I spend a lot of time in both denim and dresses and this bright knit M Missoni I’ve had forever. I always seem to pull it out during Easter time. I love Missoni and have a few dresses, a swim and even a cardigan that I mix with my dresses.  Each year I pick up one or two must have Missonis and they go on repeat during almost any season. The knit is so unbelievably comfortable, it is pricey for sure and I wait out my favorites to get something with the purchase either gift cards, friends and family…any sort of discount to get a Missoni!  A dress that can be worn across seasons and a perfect fit I’ll take! I’ve linked a few I’m loving now! Happy Spring!! xxxx jess

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