Taqueria Cumpleaños

Brookie’s Favorite Salsa

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Although we knew about our favorite local Taqueria Del Mar’s birthday party we really hadn’t planned on going. It was a school night clearly AND we had two of the three headed to soccer practice. When this crew got home from school I wasn’t even sure they’d manage soccer practice it was such complete and total meltdowns from everyone.  After going several rounds with everyone…the commute to practice literally knocked ALL four of them out cold. A thirty minute power nap seemed to calm them down considerably, getting some time on the playing fields (as in hours) and the beautiful spring night all culminated for a justifiable late night dinner out with this crew to celebrate a local restaurant and they were donating all proceeds to the local food bank for their birthday!

Once we got there these guys were loving it!!! I had mentally prepared that things might get crazy since it was  way outside our normal dinner…yet sitting outside in the spring air while waiting for a table, playing with the balloons and chatting with the other families made the wait seem not so bad and it was really only like 15ish minutes.  Plus the music and balloons kept Brookie entertained!! Brooklyn loves their salsa…he could literally eat it with a spoon and the other guys love the cheese dip. Addy Kate orders nothing but the tortilla soup every single time we go…who wouldn’t love a chicken broth based soup with it’s wedge of lime and sliced avocado toppings. I ordered one of my go to menu selections here a side of spiced sautéed Kale and I add a few bites from  what everyone else has ordered, specifically Michael’s meal which usually is some sort of special.

It was definitely a happy birthday with chips and salsa instead of cake and ice cream! It’s not always ideal taking everyone out to dinner, but the atmosphere last night was worth the chaos of a school night dinner out! xxxxjess

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