Mama Pajama Day

Mama Gingham Pajama Day Mama Gingham Pajama Day Mama Gingham Pajama Day Mama Gingham Pajama Shorts Set Mama Gingham Pajama Day Big Little LiesToday was a day the three school age crew has been looking forward to for weeks, pajama day!!! Only one of the three, Alexander, actually went off to school in what he woke up in. Addy Kate had a fashion session last night to decide which pajama look to wear and Liam’s glow in the dark skeleton pajamas were found by me after midnight after a night long search for the two piece pajama set and socks.  We have two complete sets of skeleton pajamas and socks it should not have been that difficult to locate something, but alas it was hours!!! How exactly my guys clothing disappears I will never know. The search for Liam’s pajamas were worth it even if he didn’t get to sleep in them he couldn’t believe he was wearing pajamas on the bus and to school. Liam’s my Kindergartner and just as he was about to walk off to the waiting bus he said that mamas never get to have a pajama day. Lucky for Liam or lucky for his mama had brand new gingham pajamas top and gingham pajama shorts set just waiting to be worn.

The coordinating gingham pajama top and pajama shorts is super lightweight making it perfect since we are still transitioning to cooler temps at night especially here in Atlanta. Although, I’m so into ivory and navy combination (see the midi dress post here featuring these favorite color combinations). This gingham pajama shorts set also comes in pink. I’d prefer to add a pink wrap similar here to the navy set perfect together once the full fall season hits. This gingham pajama shorts set would be great with or without a sweater for lounging before this mama’s bedtime while getting the other crew ready for the next day of school and in bed.  The gingham pajama shorts could easily be paired with a sweater to make it a late morning or weekend at home loungewear.  The gingham shorts even have pockets, not that I’d carry anything in them to bed.  This mama however cannot resist pockets even in pajamas and just in case I have to hold who knows what for one of these four during their bedtime routines. Most likely to be found in my pajama pockets would be floss. I have to search the house sometimes to track down these four to floss them every night, so maybe these pockets are thoughtfully placed after all.

If this mama is getting a pajama day it will include at the very least include these two books, Big Little Lies and Girl on The Train, that I to get to read after watching the series and movie. Both were so good on film and I cannot wait to get a chance to read these two so they are for sure on my mama pajama day itinerary. Add in a super hot English Breakfast tea and online shopping (currently great spend and save sales going on at Intermix and Shopbop) and I’m set! Actually, include room service and this mama pajama day would be complete!  Who else wants a pajama day? I would love to hear what other books I’m missing out on reading or movies and shows! xxxx jess

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