Midweek Midi Dress

Athleisure j.crew midi dress style at starbucksAthleisure j.crew midi dress style at starbucks Athleisure j.crew midi dress style at starbucks Athleisure j.crew midi dress style at starbucksAthleisure j.crew midi dress style at starbucksThe J.Crew Chloe midi dress is top of the list for an athleisure option to throw on, go AND run right into midweek! I’ll take comfort and ease whenever I can get it for everything from soccer mommying or just for a style and Starbucks! It’s been everywhere as you’ll see if you scroll through my shop instagram feed. I wear it often and on repeat. The navy and white stripes are classic and clean while the long sleeves add some dimension to a shirt dress. It’s at a great price point and a dress even if it feels like athleisure while wearing.   It doesn’t take super special care to wear it a lot (like for instance some of my favorite cashmere or wool sweaters that tend to end up in the washer, unintentionally!!!). It’s still fully stocked in all sizes at Nordstrom or Net-A-Porter with tall and petite versions.

I’m all for athleisure midi dress with some stretch giving it the added benefit of comfort and it’s not too short length make it as easy to wear to a last minute run to the bus stop with slip on sandals or soccer mommying duty with or add your favorite sneakers for a daily uniform for grabbing your favorite styled Starbucks stop and drink. Our Atlanta afternoons are still sunny and toasty so my favorite Venti black iced tea (no sweetner) is still my go to. I always recommend for an afternoon pick me up! I tend to have one on hand when all my guys arrive home with all their high energy levels ready and needing an afternoon outside to run and play! Running around outside, style and Starbucks, soccer mommying and a daily uniform aren’t the only reason to add this slightly fitted midi dress to your closet.  I’ve worn it with wedges for a girls night out to elevate the look and silhouette for a taller and more streamlined look.  Today, it’s all about the sneakers for a soccer night not a night out. These common projects are certainly on the investment side of the white sneaker trend. I’m eyeing these Golden Goose beauties or add even more casual with Converse or a Nike running shoe for the athleisure look that is great for midweek! It’s soccer mommying duty soon with double practices tonight so it will be a busy night shuffling around everyone and luckily for Brooklyn both parks have playgrounds giving him some outside sunshine time while everyone else trains. Of course all this only after style and Starbucks. Happy halfway to the weekend otherwise known as happy midweek or just Wednesday! xxxx jess

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