Midnight Margaritas

One of my (many) favorite movie scenes features the Practical Magic beauties waking up late night to the sounds of Midnight Margaritas!!! Our margarita (and Friday) nights aren’t quite as wild as the dancing sisters and their clever aunts. However, they are quite as tasty. Our go to margarita recipe is a take on this video.  Start with 9 ounces of tres agaves organic margarita mix, with a pour of 6ish ounces of your favorite tequila, an ounce of grand marnier and 4 cups of ice…”flip the switch and let the cauldron bubble…” Our cauldron is the Wolf Gourmet blender, it’s nearly as magical as the movie version with it’s ice crush setting giving a perfect light, frothy and smooth margarita within minutes. Add in your favorite destroyed denim and boho chic top for a practical magic Friday night!!! A slice of lime in your glass and “drink ’em bot’ up”!!! xxxxjess

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