Missoni Dress

Although, I recall loving this Missoni dress the second I saw it…I’d have to look back through years of photos to figure out when I actually bought it. And while I’m talking about looking back this Chanel tote and flats are right up there with investment worthy purchases. So back to the dress, this orange beauty has been a staple and a go to favorite in my closet for so long it has practically been worn everywhere!!!  From school plays to anniversary celebrations at the lake to informal meetings at my office to the soccer fields to dinners out to sipping champy at home to 2nd, 5th and 29th birthday parties to just name more than a few (AND see some of these aforementioned occasions below from just a few of the orange Missoni dress sitings)…I could quite literally write a very long list.

Why is it constantly on repeat from Spring to Fall???  It is so comfortable, has such a a perfect fit AND it is Italian chic. I would have bought it in any color to fill my closet with the cozy chic knits to throw on AND go anywhere. Admittedly Missoni dresses are not something that you collect by the dozen, they are researched, debated and then a splurge even during spring wide sales. And there are plenty of sales from Net-A-Porter to Nordstrom.

This splurge are proven with all the places it’s been worn that the purchase has been well…or more like beyond worth it for me! All spring is on sale everywhere so now’s the time to be on the lookout for another go to Missoni favorite. And I’ve linked a few others (as in non-Missonis) that could become my favorites too!  Now off to find my next much loved Missoni!! xxxx jess

 Missoni Sales

 More Dresses

Missoni dress at Ritz Carlton Lake Oconee
Missoni dress and happy 2nd Birthday Liam Leo
Missoni dress and Happy 6th Birthday Alexander
Missoni dress and school lunch
Missoni dress and American Girl
Missoni dress and Bugaboo
Missoni dress and dinner
Missoni dress at Tolemac Farm with Addy Kate
Missoni dress at Tolemac Farm with the little guys
Missoni dress and lunch at Tin Lizzy’s
Missoni dress and Veuve Rosé
Missoni dress and preschool mystery readers

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