Carousels, Trains and Cut-offs

A carousel, a train and cut-offs sounds like a scene from a summertime afternoon at an amusement park. Almost… we were at our favorite weekend spot the Atlanta Zoo and this time with all day passes to ride the carousel and train. And it’s officially summer time here for these guys,  even the weather seemed like a summer day starting out with the perfect sunny temps and afternoon rain storms too.  We were lucky to miss the storms giving us hours of outside fun, which promoted lots of good moods for this crew while riding the carousel, tours on the train especially with a seat on the caboose to get the perfect view and hikes to see of few exotics animals too.  I was as usual the last one to get ready to leave and threw on these Frame le cut-offs and a tank, two basics for me.  I love the barely frayed dark denim look of these shorts. They are comfortable, stretchy and a great length not too short and somewhat cool with a less than mid-weight denim fabric.  They worked out great for a last minute pick to keep up running after this crew with a few breaks riding rides. It always feels like we run at minimum a 5K and there’s lots of holding Brook since we never take his stroller. All this effort and activity is worth it for naps from the little guys on the way home and 9PM summertime bedtimes.

This is our first full week of summer break, so these Frame le cut-offs and lots of other denim shorts will be my throw on, go AND repeat too as we run not only from carousel to train….to swim practices, soccer camps and playing outside otherwise known as chasing Brooklyn and keeping all the other guys out of trouble.  See more shorts below and we’ll see you on the Atlanta zoo carousel and train all summer long!!! xxxxjess

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