Multitasking Dress

It’s been a five day fall break here. This Frame multitasking dress has easily kept up with this crew. Work and soccer schedules kept us in town for a long weekend. Four are involved with soccer commitments. Three players and Michael is Liam’s coach. We took a productive approach to this weekend with triple doctor appointments, flu shots, and school conferences for the boys. Work, school and doctor appointments, and soccer games are not ultimately exciting for long weekends. Getting these things done with less pressure (and chaos) than normal school and work day schedules has it’s benefits of getting it off our to do lists. Multitasking is at a premium for normal activities like getting to school, practices and answering emails.  Time seems to evaporates from 6am until seemingly late 10pm bedtimes. I’m a multitasking mama even during long weekends, a Frame velvet multitasking dress has to go the distance too.

Multitasking Dress

In addition to always on the lookout for a multitasking dress, I like to know I’m going to wear it a lot.  The spice color and the slip dress style were the reasons I tried the Frame dress. The shimmering on trend velvet was a bonus. The crushed velvet does make it fluid with the color changing from spice to orange in different light. A surprising find and a fit that I loved immediately. It also fit my multitasking dress category, here’s a few styles I’ve tried so far.

First Style

Frame Velvet Multitasking DressThe first look to the Frame multitasking dress was paired with my favorite gold sandals. Simple, easy style with hair pulled back and accessorized only with gold sunglasses for a late afternoon heading out to dinner with these guys. Atlanta fall season has afternoons with warm sun and sandals and no sleeves keep you comfortable. Comfort is key with this crew. I’m always moving to keep up with them. However, I don’t always want to wear denim. Recently I’ve worked in more feminine denim style with a denim skirt to my closet collection. The velvet slip dress adds some spice to my style even for a family night out while still maintaining comfort and is ready to go when the guys take off.

Second Style

Frame Multitasking Dress JCrew

Next style of the Frame multitasking dress was a morning out with this crew in much cooler temperatures that warmed up quickly with the sun. Adding a denim jacket gave the velvet slip dress sleeves and dimension. A casual denim jacket mixed with the crushed velvet and sandals keeps the multitasking dress on rotation for fall mornings. It is on trend with velvet lux with a casual go to look.

Third Style

Frame Multitasking Dress Leopard

Finally, a quick swap out of sandals to leopard heels (or similar exchange version) made this Frame dress perfect for girls time. Keeping the denim jacket for a casual chic style which could easily be replaced with a leather moto. The heels make this look feminine and pretty while still an on the go look to match Addy Kate in her pink tulle skirt with her leopard flats too.

The Frame multitasking dress has already had plenty of wear and I’m still looking for more options. A leather moto would be perfect when he temperatures cool off significantly. Boots are definitely another option to look forward to trying for this multitasking dress and for this multitasking mama who may need another long weekend after the one with this crew! xo Jess


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