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It was just over a year ago Addy Kate and I decided to begin blogging. We had been talking about it for months. Discussing endless blog names, content ideas and of course dreams of all things fashion. However, we had no idea how to actually begin blogging. For us to begin blogging, it was essentially necessary first to learn. On an October weekend we headed to a beautiful North Georgia farm.  It was the perfect setting to begin blogging by learning from some of Atlanta’s successful women in the creative industry at The Pretty Peach Workshop.

The Pretty Peach Workshop introduced us to so many topics from blogging and photography. The workshop was far more than an enlightening weekend. It was a peek into a world of creativity. The workshop was certainly informative and an amazing networking opportunity to meet so many talented and creative women. Most of all, it was a mother daughter weekend where we could not only connect with others but also each other.

Why to Begin Blogging


Begin Blogging Dusang Exchange

Before the workshop and logistics to begin blogging (we’ll work on a how to post on our blogging logistics too), I realized there was a need to connect more with Addy Kate. As our many posts show we live in a busy house with multiple work, school and practice schedules to coordinate. Chaos is part of our daily life and with it a boys entourage. Additionally, so many things take a back burner during every day chaos.
Connecting with Addy Kate needed to be a priority too. To begin blogging meant to share our passions about writing and fashion.

A connection through continuous discussing, editing and collaborating on content we both shared interest. Working together on all things from posts to styling. Capitalizing on things Addy Kate and I both loved was an exciting idea. And it gave a purpose to our shared love of creating style for not just us and our guys, but for a greater audience.

We have so much to learn and so many ideas. Addy Kate continues to look back at the weekend at the workshop together as memorable. Some days it’s all about getting through the chaos, yet we find ways to connect and create. See more about Dusang Exchange on our hello page. We’re both still as excited today as we were when we decided to begin blogging. It has certainly given this mother and daughter another way
to communicate.

Begin Blogging Dusang Exchange

Staying connected to Addy Kate is the most important reason of all to begin blogging.

xo Jess

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